Offering a unique method
of exercise inspired by the
teachings of Joseph H. Pilates.

The teachers at Fortitude specialize in applying the Pilates Method to enhance anyone’s health – for specific sports performance (golf, tennis, running, cycling, skiing, riding, to name a few); for rehabilitating an injury; and for the senior population to help improve the quality and functionality of daily living. At the studio we predominantly work with clients in solo or duet sessions, but do offer trios and quartets as well.

“Our goal is to motivate and inspire, enabling each individual to create strength, endurance, balance, flexibility, and the fortitude to achieve your goals.”

Pilates Apparatus — One on One Training
All Pilates apparatus sessions are scheduled by appointment. Clients begin their program with a physical assessment and posture analysis, review of physical and medical history, and discuss specific goals to be achieved. Once the fundamentals of the Pilates method are mastered, an individual program is designed for you. The program created will be stimulating, strengthening, balancing, and most importantly, fun!

Pilates Apparatus – Duets, Trios and Quartets

Duets are offered throughout each day at the studio. We do accept newcomers to the Pilates work in a duet session. Duets use not only the reformer, but the Cadillac, Wunda and combination chairs, as well as the step barrel (aka spine corrector).

Clients interested in joining a trio or quartet should schedule an initial session with one of our experienced teachers who will work with you to develop a program to best meet your individual needs and goals. If groups are appropriate for you, we generally recommend a minimum of 3 to 5 solo sessions prior to joining a group in order to give you optimum results and a thorough understanding of the Pilates method. Our trios and quartets use not only the reformer, but the Wunda and combination chairs, and step barrels as well.

Please call the studio for available trios and quartet times. We also have a cancellation list for those interested in filling in when a regular spot becomes available. We will contact you whenever a spot opens up.

Booty Barre Classes at Fortitude

Booty Barre is a fun, energetic workout that fuses techniques from dance, Pilates, and yoga that will tone, define, and chisel the whole body. Booty Barre is the perfect combination of strength and flexibility with an added cardiovascular element utilizing the barre.

We focus on proper biomechanics for a safe and well-structured class which can be modified for any fitness level. Our certified Booty Barre teachers are also fully certified in the Pilates method, giving each participant the utmost benefit at the barre using the Pilates principles.

We offer two types of classes: Booty Barre Plus and Booty Barre Flex and Flow. The Plus class involves a warmup, hand weight circuits for upper body strength, barre section with cardio blasts as well, finishing up with abdominals, back extension, and flexibility on the mat.

The Flex and Flow class involves a warmup, upper body work using the dynaband, barre work, finshing up with abdominals, back extension, and flexibility on the mat using the dynaband, soft ball, and magic circles.

Schedule of Classes:
We are currently developing the class schedule to meet the needs of our clients. At the present time, please call the studio for class times and to reserve a spot!! Studio phone: 916 812-6586.

$17.00 single class
$75.00 package of 5 classes* (*package expires 6 weeks from time of first use)

Our classes at Fortitude are limited to 8-10 people, minimum of 2 to hold class, so all are ensured proper form and challenge. Experience precision, flow, and the satisfaction of working your total body with the fun factor: These barre workouts not only challenge your cardiovascular, core, and strength, but also the development of your Pilates principles which will improve your posture and balance of your body. Feel the difference!!!!!!

Pilates Mat Workshops
Fortitude offers mat workshops throughout the year. These workshops will be 2-3 hours in length, teaching the fundamentals and proper technique of the mat work, the classic mat repertoire, as well as integrating foam rollers, magic circles, dynabands, etc., to further challenge and feel the depth of the mat work. You will focus on the mind-body connection, the breath, alignment and awareness.

The mat workshops will give you a thorough understanding of the mat exercises to enable you to follow videos with proper form, to do mat work on your own at home or gym, and will prepare you if you decide to continue your Pilates work on the apparatus. The workshops will consist of 6 to 12 participants. The mat workshops will enable you to get the most out of your mat work. Newcomers to Pilates are welcome as well as those interested in furthering their knowledge, understanding, and performance. Please call the studio for further details and dates of the workshops.

FORTITUDE: strength of mind that enables a person to encounter adversity with courage.
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