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Donna Quisenberry
owner of Fortitude Pilates Studio, is a PMA (Pilates Method Alliance) Gold Certified Pilates Teacher.  She is certified on all apparatus through PhysicalMind Institute of New York, studying under Madeline Black.  Donna also holds a certificate from Polestar Education, studying under Brent Anderson and Elizabeth Larkam. She has completed advanced courses applying the Pilates Method for Osteoporosis, Gait Analysis and Standing Matwork through PhysicalMind Institute, is a Certified Level 1 Teacher of Pilates for Golf™, a specialized course in applying the Pilates Method specifically for golfers.  She has attended numerous continuing education workshops over the years with Michele Larsson, Thomas McCook, Eric Franklin, and others.  Donna was involved in the Program of Study with the Ron Fletcher Company, studying under Master Teacher Ron Fletcher (who worked directly with Joe and Clara Pilates and is currently 84 years old and still teaching teachers!).  She is certified in Movement Medicine, a course taught by Nora St. John, as developed by the Dancemedicine Division of Saint Francis Memorial Hospital’s Center for Sports Medicine, applying Pilates-based techniques for injury prevention and rehabilitation.  Donna is a certified personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise, is an IDEA Advanced Personal Fitness Trainer, and is CPR certified.  She is a certified Medical Exercise Specialist through the North American Academy of Health, Fitness and Rehabilitation Professionals.  Donna is a certified Booty Barre instructor in both Booty Barre Plus and Booty Barre Flex and Flow. Donna has been teaching Pilates since 1998, has practiced Pilates for the past 18 years, has over 25 years experience as a competitive endurance athlete, and is an avid golfer and equestrian.

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Suzanne T Talbert, PT, My love for the art of motion began when I was very young and in awe of gymnasts and their ability to move so fluidly.  During physical therapy school at CSUS, I began Pilates training with Elizabeth Larkham and Brent Anderson, PT (owner of Polestar Education). Ever since that time I have been practicing Pilates and sharing its incredible philosophies and method both with personal training clients and my physical therapy patients. It has proven to be a very useful tool for rehabilitation. 
     Pilates can best be described as the art of motion & the science of control. In order to have a HEALTHY SELF we need to first HEAL-THY self, by bringing back into balance that which is in dysfunction. How we use our bodies in our day to day lives, the sustained postures we take, dictate our present and future painful conditions. Our bodies are meant to move, but to move with control and mindfulness with respect to their tissue tolerance.
     My hope is to use my physical therapy skillset for determining where someone has dysfunctions so I may design a more personalized program to help my clients reach better balance in their body. I have worked as a physical therapist for almost 20 years, including almost 5 years at Folsom Physical Therapy. At this clinic, I was both an orthopedic manual therapist treating all areas of the body, as well as a specialist in pelvic floor dysfunctions. In 1999, I was the director and developer of Health South's Pilates Program.
     My interests include anything that can get me out in nature, especially with my family. I love exploring the magic that is around us everyday in our own backyard. This includes: hiking, paddle-boarding, road and mountain biking, swimming in the lake and dirt-bike riding with my husband and kids. I have a love of meditation, yoga and eating for good health. I have competed in over 10 triathlons and plan to do many more in the future. For session rates and specials, please contact Suzanne at:

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Mary Stabbert, is an independent Pilates instructor. She has completed her course training through Balanced Body University with certificates of completion in all Pilates apparatus. Mary has been teaching group classes and working with private clients for over three years. She has been practicing Pilates for over six years. Mary is certified in The Booty Barre and has enjoyed teaching this barre method along side Pilates for the past two years. She continues to pursue further education and certification to deepen her own practice as well as her clients.

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Debra Baker, is an independent Pilates instructor, certified through PhysicalMind Institute of New York to teach mat, completing Initiation 101 and 201 with Thomas McCook at Center of Balance in Mountain View, California. Debbie has been teaching mat classes at Fortitude since 2003 and has been practicing Pilates for the past six years. She is certified through the Integrated Teacher Training program (Madeline Black, et al.) on all apparatus. She has continued her Pilates studies by attending workshops with Elizabeth Larkam (working with the senior population); Thomas McCook (working with athletes) and Eric Franklin of Switzerland (imagery and Pilates mat work). Debbie’s background includes a successful cross-country ski racing career earning the Michigan Cup overall female title three years, and she obtained her PSIA certification in 1993 to teach cross-country skiing. She has also competed in bodybuilding and continues to train for skiing through Pilates, running and cycling. Debbie is a member of the Pilates Method Alliance. Her full-time duties are that of a certified paralegal for a mid-sized Sacramento law firm.

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Fortitude – A Pilates Studio is a member of the Pilates Method Alliance, a member of the Ron Fletcher Company, a member referral studio of Physical Mind Institute, and a referral studio of Balanced Body.


FORTITUDE: strength of mind that enables a person to encounter adversity with courage.
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